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Pediatrics Dentistry

Dentistry for Children at Oval Dental Centre

The British Columbia Dental Association recommends a child's first dental visit should occur by age one or within six months of when you see the first tooth.

Regular dental examinations support good health. The earlier your child visits the dentist, the better the chance of preventing a problem, such as decay. This can also increase your child's comfort with the experience. At the clinic, the dentist will:

  • Examine your child's mouth

  • Address any problems before they become more serious

  • Monitor the development of your child's teeth

  • Provide tips to care for your child's teeth and gums

  • Fluoride may be applied to strengthen their teeth.


Preparing your child for their dental visit

To help create a positive experience for your child:

  • Schedule an appointment for a time when your child will be well rested and relaxed

  • Treat the appointment as routine and bring along a favourite toy or blanket



We also have Silver Diamine Fluoride available.


What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?


Silver Diamine Fluoride (aka SDF) is a topical liquid and is used to treat and prevent cavities and relieve dentinal hypersensitivity. Just simply dry the tooth, paint on the SDF liquid, and cavity progress is arrested. Children love it as there's no needles involved! Upon application to the decayed surface, a layer of silver protein conjugates and silver minerals forms, then it would help to stop or slow down the cavity progress. Health Canada approved this new product in 2017. Oval Dental is proud to be one of the few dental clinics in town to have it.



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Pediatric Dentistry