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Dental Implants

When should I get dental implants?

Missing teeth can have a number of consequences: difficulty in eating, speaking, shrinkage of jaw bone, and changes of shape of the face. Oval Dental Centre provides dental implants that can help you gain back your confidence in smiling, and enjoy the food that you like.

Other tooth replacement options like denture and bridge do not allow chewing to the same amount of forces as dental implant. Research studies show that even a well fitted denture only produce at most 20% of chewing force of natural teeth. Bridge is at 40-60%, while implant is at 80%. Implant undoubted is the most superior option to tooth replacement.

Moreover, denture and bridge do not maintain your jaw bone after extraction. Jaw bone shrinkage can lead to an altered face shape, thus an older appearance. Implant is the only option that can help maintain jaw bone.


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Dental Implant