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Our Technology And Equipment

At Oval Dental Centre, we have installed numerous brand new, high-tech dental equipment to help make the correct diagnosis and to make sure the patients have a safe experience in our dental clinic.


Our new equipment include:

Panoramic Digital X-Ray

Advanced Digital X-Ray operates on a much lower level of radiation than traditional X-Ray, protecting the health of our patients.


Intra-Operatory Digital X-Ray with sensor technology

Our digital x-ray sensors allow for instant imaging at lowradiation. You'll be able to see the x-ray image on the screen right away. No more waiting for film developing.

Intra-Operatory Digital X-Ray - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BCIntra-Operatory Digital X-Ray - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BC



Sterilization Equipment

Top of the line sterilization equipment ensures the hygiene and safety of all our dental tools and equipment.

 Sterilization Equipment - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BCSterilization Equipment - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BC


Dental Laboratory

Our dental laboratory has some of the latest instruments for most operations performed in dentistry. Dental Laboratory - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BCDental Laboratory - Oval Dental Centre | Richmond BC


Diode Laser

Our diode laser machine has a wide range of application. Click here to find out more!



Intraoral scanner

Intraoral scanner allows your teeth to be scanned in just minutes. No more gooey impression material inside the mouth for mold taking. Your teeth's size, shape and colour will be digitized in the computer. The scan can be sent out to either outside labs, or be used to design crown and bridge in our computer.



After a crown and bridge prosthesis is designed, the data is then sent to the mill. A ceramic block is inserted into the mill and the machine will shape the block into the shape of the designed dental prosthesis.



CEREC Furnace

Certain dental ceramics need to be sintered in high temperature to achieve its final hardness and colour.



3D printer

The dental scans can be exported and then being printed for study models, night guards, surgical stents...etc.


Our Technology and Equipment